Julia Roberts confessed why she hasn’t appeared in romantic comedies in 20 years

Ts talk about Julia Roberts She is referring to one of the hottest actresses in recent years, as well as an actress romantic comedystarring in many of the most successful films of this genre.

movies like Pretty Woman or Notting HillThey have become unforgettable works for my fans Oscar winner for Best Actress And for fans of the genre, though, Roberts hasn’t appeared again in a movie of this kind in the past 20 years.

Roberts breaks the silence on Rho-com

Now, Roberts, 54, has decided to speak openly about her long involuntary retirement from romantic comedy, explaining that it was due to circumstances in her personal life and the level of scripts that came into her hands.

“If I had read something I thought was Notting Hill writing or ‘Best Friend’s Wedding’ level of crazy fun, I would,” Roberts told The New York Times Magazine.

They didn’t exist until that movie I just did (Heaven ticket) that Owl Parker wrote and directed.

Her family, the reason Roberts stopped rom-coms

But that’s not all, because if Roberts preferred to miss opportunities to return to star in a romantic comedy, it was also because in recent decades her priorities have changed and she has focused on her partner and children.

“Here’s the thing: If I thought something was good enough, I’d do it….but I’ve also had three kids in the last 18. And that raises the bar even more because then not only ‘Is that good stuff?'” It’s also the mathematical equation for my husband’s work schedule, the children’s school schedule, and summer vacation.”

“It’s just not, ‘Oh, I think I want to do this. “I feel proud to be at home with my family and consider myself a housewife,” she added.

Roberts also hopes to convey to her children through her life choices how she prioritizes her career and family, and that every opportunity is not worthwhile, as her intent was “to show my children that I can be creative and that this is beneficial to me—so meaningful that I would choose for periods of time.” Focusing on that more than on my family, which was something that was hard for me to come to terms with.”