Another NFL scandal: The Browns are being investigated for tanking

TThe tank scandals weren’t over yet over the NFL and after the accusations by then Miami Dolphin Coach Brian Flores To view from its boss or owner Stephen Ross For deliberately losing games, now he is Cleveland Browns who are being investigated for similar practices.

Mary Jo White, Head of Investigation

According to a report by, an independent investigator Mary Jo WhiteCheck in with the Browns for intentionally letting them miss games in the 2016 and 2017 seasons in order to secure better spots for the Draft picks.

White is also the head of the investigation against Dolphins in the investigation cited in Ross’ alleged showing of $100,000 to Flores for lost toys.

that NFL spokesperson He explained to that the outcome of this investigation will be released soon, according to an email that this source sent to the media outlet.

Hugh Jackson’s position

This investigation was started due to the allegations of the then technical director Hugh Jackson Made last February.

“A couple of years ago I tried to do it the right way,” Jackson said. “By bylaws and the constitution of the National Football League, let’s ask them to investigate the Cleveland Browns for all the allegations you’ve made. Why open an investigation now?”

On the subject and allegations made against the Cleveland franchise, the same organization has already released a file statment.

Cleveland Browns Reply

“Although Hugh renounced his claims shortly after they were made, it was important to us and the integrity of the game to conduct an independent review of the allegations. We welcome the investigation We are confident that the results will show that, as previously mentioned, these claims are categorically false. We have fully collaborated with Mary Jo White and look forward to the results.”

In the two seasons in which the team is under investigation, the team went on to win only one of 32 potential matches 1-15 in 2016, while in 2017 they went 0-16only the third season without a win in the Super Bowl era in the NFL.