Tax day 2022: How to file your taxes if you miss post office hours

WWith the extension granted until Monday, April 18 To send your tax return by mail, it can be submitted online, however, if you intend to send it by regular mail, not all post offices have to be open late, although some, nevertheless, the suggestion is very clear, send your return electronically And if you can’t for any reason, ask for an extension.

All because in case you want to do it the old-fashioned way, you have to be absolutely sure that the local post office pick up hours before you get there and you can stamp the return, because even if the office is open, the collection is probably until the next day, so you will be in breach for your commitment and tax authorityin this case, most likely, will not be merciful in terms of penalties and benefits for such a violation.

electronic file

On the other hand, if you Submit your return file electronicallyhas several advantages, among them the fact that if you click on submit before midnight (local time), you are fulfilling your duty as a taxpayer, avoiding lines, stamps and everything described in the previous paragraph.

Now, it is also important to say that automated calculations make the process less likely to make mistakes or errors Incorrectly filled in fieldsThis only happens when you sign up online, which is another cool feature.

Another tip: Ask for a time extension

But in case you are not sure to send the correct information, you can also electronically Application for extension to the tax authorityit is a simple process, this should give you time to verify the data, the extension is granted until October 17.

“I would say first submit the extension file because first of all, the extension will give you more time to file and it’s October 17,” he said Kimberly Washingtonan IRS agent and former tax expert for Forbes Advisor.

Finally, there is the issue of returning the credit balance, if any, is also faster when filing electronically than by mail.

Now you know that submitting your tax return electronically is the best option in this regard final date.