NFL Sunday Ticket, expected to head to Apple per report

The is NFL When it comes to the business, it is, without a doubt, a standard-setting league around the world and an important part of that business is the broadcast rights being negotiated specifically as a league and not with each franchise individually, so the profits from agreements with NBC, Fox, Disney, CBS, Amazon It has secured such profitability at least until the 2023 season to which, according to reports, a new partner will be added.

According to Matt Belloni in his newsletter called Puck, NFL Sunday Ticket The provider will change, and according to the information he has, the obvious favourite, if not really true, is appleto implement this service.

The NFL and Apple may already have an agreement

“My sources say Apple is going to lose, at this point. (One source told me this weekend that the deal had already taken place and that it had been kept silent at Apple’s request, which I have not confirmed…),” Belloni said in his report.

As for the 2022 campaign, which begins in September, it is set, according to this same report, to be its last AT&T / DirecTV It will act as a provider, which is a big change for longevity.

What is an NFL Sunday ticket?

The US NFL Sunday Ticket Package is the package that users can get to access All regular season matches It is not broadcast nationally or outside of its designated market, regardless of which TV station is broadcasting the game.

According to DirecTV, since 1994 the implementation of this service has generated total $2.5 billion lossHowever, the cost of the NFL to license this service is $1.5 billion annually, which according to Apple has an exorbitant valuation of 3 trillion dollarsnot a typo, this level of the deal is the level the company calculates that will be new to this package’s distribution.