Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s most toxic secrets uncovered

Amber Heardtrial against Johnny Depp Because abuse proves to be long and painful for many reasons. It’s been canceled, and it’s well on its way to being, a wrecked couple who have countless skeletons in their wardrobe and probably more yet to be found. The relationship between the two actors ended in late 2016 after only a year and a half of marriage, leaving behind a dark path paved with incidents of mutual assault.

Today, what was once Hollywood’s friendliest relationship with the media is immersed in a lawsuit whose witnesses are key to shifting the judicial balance. Figures such as caregivers, cleaners and personal agents are preparing to testify in court in order to bring the proceedings closer to a clear and fair judgment.

This is the case for David Keeper and Laurel Andersonand Depp’s doctor and therapist respectively, the couple, who recently intervened to provide their version of events related to the alleged abuse that occurred in the relationship.

Kieper confirms the use of Depp’s pills

In one of his statements, a “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Fantastic Beasts” star doctor confirmed that deep He had a really bad time with pills, specifically Xanax, which he was eating so hard. In fact, the doctor had doubts about whether his patient would be able to overcome his addiction to the anxiolytic during the detoxification phase.

“He didn’t think he could do that,” he said. Deep Keeperwho was finally able, with a lot of help and effort, to improve his health.

It is also worth noting that during his childhood the American actor suffered from abuse of all kinds from his mother both physically and verbally. Testimony made by deep‘sister, Kristi Dembrowskiduring the trial last week.

In addition to, Kristi Dembrowski as charged he heard By repeatedly insulting her brother as her mother Betty Sue Palmer They did so with abusive phrases such as “fat old man”.

However, every story is like a coin and has two sides. Let’s take a look at Heard’s side of this dramatic marriage.

Johnny Depp’s jealous obsession with Elon Musk

During the first two weeks of the trial (which will extend to six), Amber HeardA lawyer launched a violent attack on deepsuch as the alleged sexual assault of Heard during a night of partying and alcohol, and the physical and verbal abuse she is dealt with deep During 15 months of their marriage and possible motives for this, the actor’s alleged obsession with him Elon Musk.

As is known, the Tesla magnate had a short love affair with him Amber Heardwhich was apparently marked deep During the time they were together, this led to bouts of aggressive jealousy and possessiveness.

So much so that in court, he heardlawyer Eileen Bridhoft Actor ‘Edward Scissorhands’ has been accused of being obsessed with the billionaire businessman. to any deep With a shy smile, she shows that he does not agree with this claim.

Couple therapist defends mutual abuse theory

Unsurprisingly, each witness representative defends his interest. However, this dynamic was broken by the number Laurel Andersonthe ex-couple’s therapist, who in her account of events highlighted a pattern of mutual abuse between their clients, making it clear that this is a relationship in which neither side appears well.

“This is how he (Mr. Depp) was not vocal, couldn’t keep up with her fast-paced manner of conversation. It was well controlled for decades, with Mrs. Heard being turned on and engaging in what was considered mutual abuse” Anderson.

“She felt like she had to hit him again if he hit her, and she always did. She loved him, he loved her… She wasn’t stupid, she knew what they were doing was not healthy, so she wanted me to divorce him but she didn’t.”