Bahrain asset company enter £840m talks to takeover Serie A giants

The Bahrain Embassy confirmed that Invest Asset Management has entered into talks to acquire first-class giants AC Milan.

The Italian side, who has over £400m of talent on his books (Transfer Market), is the latest team to undergo a proposed acquisition.

Most notably in the Premier League, Newcastle United was recently taken over by a Saudi-backed consortium, which now sees Newcastle as the world’s richest club.

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Chelsea, in light of recent sanctions imposed by owner Roman Abramovich, is also up for sale, with a successful bidder expected to pay more than £3 billion for the franchise.

He recently spoke in his exclusive column with caught abroad On the impending sale to Chelsea, chief football agent John Smith, who was representing the late Diego Maradona, said: “I’ve been speaking to two potential upcoming Chelsea bidders recently and are now discussing pricing around the £3 billion mark, the largest sale of a football club anywhere in the world.”

Roman Abramovich is set to sell Chelsea Football Club after Russia invaded Ukraine.

When it comes to the proposed acquisition of AC Milan, fans, who have watched the team fall short of their historic accomplishments, will likely be pleased to hear that serious investment may be on the way soon.

However, with the talks believed to include mind-boggling sums of around 840 million pounds ($1.1 billion), it is almost certain that any potential acquisition will take a significant amount of time to finalize.