American Idol 20: This are the top 20 contestants

THis version of American Idol hosted by Ryan Seacrest and judged by superstar pop stars Katy Perry and Luke Bryan and Academy Award-winning singer-songwriter Lionel Richie will reveal the top 20 contestants to win American Idol.

Twenty artists will compete for a viewer’s vote, and here are the highlights of the night.

The first performer of the night is 16-year-old Emerson Flora who sang Demi Lovato’s “Tell Me You Love Me”. The judges weren’t entirely happy with her performance.

After Emyrson, Mike Parker took to the stage to sing “Chasing After You” made famous by Ryan Hurd & Maren.

Once that performance was over, it was Tristen Gressett’s time to shine and sing The Weeknd’s Sacrifice which got good reviews as much as stage leadership was lacking in vocal performance.

Amy Winehouse directed

Jay took a deep dive searching for a song and came up with Soul singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. “You know I’m not good” A song that was so good that it impressed the judges and eventually earned a platinum ticket.

Nikolina is mentioned several times on this list due to her vocal performance, stage development, as well as song choices, and this time it was no different. she chose Stevie NickThe hard rock song “Edge of Seventeen” is a difficult performance in itself but she sang it amazingly according to Katy and Lionel.

The next challenge came to Jacob Moran who sang Stevie Wonder which required a lot, not just on vocals but on melody timing. It’s in great demand from performers and nothing short of amazing is accepted. Although Katie thinks Jacob is “the best singer in the competition” the performance was a bit short.