Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers? New leader to take quarterback

FOr many experts around the world NFL, in addition to those involved in this matter, quarterback is still from Cleveland BrownsAnd Baker Mayfieldat Seattle Seahawks Mainly and until yesterday, it was almost the only team that aspires to be a key player next season, however, according to the latest information, Carolina PanthersGiving another hope to the former University of Oklahoma player.

Reports bring Mayfield closer to Charlotte

According to a report by The Athletic, the Panthers, who are not making a major appearance, are negotiating a potential deal that would bring Mayfield to the city of Charlotteas we get closer and closer to the NFL draft where teams in need of quarterbacks can consider more options in the medium and long term.

This report coincides with the one cited by’s Mary Kay Capote, who stated that among all the teams interested in the previous first overall pick in the 2018 draftIt is precisely the Panthers who have the “inside path” to obtain the aforementioned Mayfield services.

It is important to remind this by deciding not to renew Cam Newtonwho is currently a free agent, the team whose head coach is Matt Rolle, has only two quarterbacks on its current roster, the veteran Sam Darnold and youth PJ Tucker.

Mayfield and Darnold together in Carolina?

In an intriguing fact, if Carolina does end up making these press reports true, they’ll join the same roster Mayfield and Darnold, and first and third pick from the same draft (2018), only between them respectively. I will be Barclay He was drafted by the New York Giants, and Darnold was chosen by the New York Jets.

Mayfield, who said last week that he saw Seattle as his most likely destination, has a foot and a half from Cleveland, who earlier this season secured services Deshaun Watsonby trading with Houston Texans.

Watson signed file 240 million dollars guaranteed bypass.