Pope Francis pleaded for peace in Ukraine in front of 50,000 attendees

aToday’s Easter mass at the Vatican, Pope Francis addressed the need for peace in what he called a “meaningless” war in reference to the continuing destruction of Ukraine by the Russian army That caused the deaths of many civilians and the constant threat of the use of nuclear weapons, and other conflicts.

The Pope addressed the audience Saint Peter’s SquareE by saying: “I wish there would be peace for war-torn Ukraine, wracked by violence and devastation by this savage and absurd war that I dragged into it.”

Please let’s not get used to war

And intensely, he called for “Let’s enter the conflict Europe It also makes us more concerned about other situations of conflict, suffering, and grief, situations that affect many areas of our world, situations that we cannot condone and do not want to forget.”

May there be peace for the war-torn Ukraine, which has been severely deprived by the violence and devastation of this senseless, brutal war into which he has been drawn.

Pope Francis

He also spoke a great thing by mentioning “I hope country leaders Hear the people’s call for peace.” He was clearly referring to it Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Pope also cited the input of a scholar in 1955: “Should we put an end to the human race, or should humanity renounce war?”

He also talked about the Middle East

In his appeal, he included the long fighting of countries in the Middle East that, he believed, suffered from conflict these years and even decades, including the countries of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

This Easter Mass is the first since the pandemic began in 2020, and people were glad to be able to attend, the nearly 50,000 attendees applauded and cheered for the pope’s visions and entreaties.

After celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, he then climbed aboard a cart to drive around the square to meet the congregants, even waving a child’s head and patting it.