Jennifer Garner celebrates her 50th Birthday and shares opinions about JLo and Ex-Husband Ben Affleck’s wedding

Jennifer Garner is one of the most loved celebrities in Hollywood And the land of television and turned fifty years old this Sunday.

When her best friend asked her how you feel when you turn 50 Ellen DeGeneres She commented that she admired her “I love the idea of ​​suddenly allowing myself to believe I know everything I know. It empowers me,” she shared.

early post

We saw her early beginnings in TV dramas, Felicityas the charismatic character Hanna Babe, and everyone knew she was destined to do amazing things, then she gained her own spotlight to start her own series as Double Agent. Sidney Bristow / Anna Espinosa On the Alias ​​program, which was well received and ran well into 2006.

while in Nick nameI jumped to the big screen to join Leonardo DiCaprioTom Hanks and director Steven Spielberg in the critically acclaimed “Catch Me If You Can” movie.

Electra and marriage to Ben Affleck

Then she got into the superhero genre to start off as electraThe love interest of hero Daredevil, played by her soon-to-be boyfriend Ben Affleck (whom she will marry later), for her own film Electra.

She’s been on ongoing projects, but mostly focus on her family, she’s gone through two marriages and divorces with actors (Scott Foley, and of course, Ben Affleck), three children, award-winning career in television (four Emmy Award nominations and a Golden Globe Award).

On Elaine’s Show, she also mentioned that the relationship with The son of It was challenging and characterized by Affleck With the occasional alcohol abuse and infidelity, I admitted he was the smartest person I ever met, but he was very complicated.

I like the idea that I suddenly allow myself to think that I know everything I know. It enables me

Jane Garner at the age of fifty.

You won’t appear at the wedding just because of the manager

As you may remember, Jennifer Lopez She was engaged to Ben when Garner started working together and eventually ended up getting married and then divorced, now the tables have turned and she’s the one who’s recommitting now that their 13-year marriage is over.

A source close to Garner says she believes “As long as he stays sober, she’ll be happyThe source also confirms that while the couple appears to be willing to invite Jennifer Garner to the wedding, she won’t cross the line, just for the sake of his principle.