Paul Auster’s son arrested for ten-month-old daughter’s death from drug overdose

TBestselling author’s son Paul AusterDaniel, was charged by the NYPD for manslaughter after the death of his ten-month-old daughter of an overdose.

Auster, 44, was caring for his daughter Ruby on November 1 when he called the police to his Brooklyn County residence.

And according to local media, which reported that the emergency services that responded to her house, she lost consciousness, and took her to the hospital, where her death was confirmed.

An autopsy has now revealed that the girl suffered from an overdose of fentanyl and heroin, but it is not known how she took the drugs.

Daniel Oster, who has a drug-related criminal record, was arrested Friday night and charged with premeditated murder and negligent homicide.

His father, Paul Auster, is a well-known novelist who has won many awards, including Princess of Asturias Prize for Literature in 2006.