Hakkinen: Hamilton will start thinking of other teams now things are not going well at Mercedes

mercedes star Lewis Hamilton So good start Formula 1 season, but his car had a lot of problems and it was only because of his driving skills Hamilton and his colleague George Russell They managed to keep up with the likes Ferrari And Red Bull.

In fact, the former F1 Driver Mika Hakkinen he thinks that mercedes Car problems could lead Hamilton to consider his future with the team.

“I wonder how Lewis behaves in team meetings. I bet he’s grouchy—I can imagine that! Lots of complaining and whining,” Hakkinen Unibet said.

“This starts the drivers’ natural thought process, ‘Should I go somewhere else?'” “It’s true, he was in mercedes For years and won multiple championships. Now that things are not going well, he will start thinking about switching teams.”

mixed feelings

While Hamilton He used to be in an enviable first-class car F1 the ring Hakkinen explain it contact Enjoying his time so far in mercedes After having a hard time in Williamswhich he raced between 2019 and 2021.

“The last race in Australia was a tough place for Lewis, and it was really tough,” he explained.

“The team naturally wants the drivers to finish the race. They got the result – not the result they were hoping for, but still good points for the team. But I’m sure Lewis is still upset with the situation.

“George is hard to beat. I’m afraid this season is going to be really tough for Lewis. George came from a team that had little success – they had some good results in qualifying but not in the races. All these achievements with mercedes New to him, everything looks very good. For Lewis, this is a disaster, and as George progresses, it’s even worse.”