Tucker Carlson’s latest documentary teaser claims men are losing testosterone levels

meBesides his own little bubble and the bubble of many Republicans, Tucker Carlson believes that being a man is directly linked to playing the tough guy and drinking several raw eggs in one sitting. His theory about male testosterone death has to be one of the most distant we’ve seen in a long time. But the most shocking aspect of this is that many conservative Republicans in America support this nonsense. Someone forgot to tell the good old Tucker that the rest of the world accepts men who communicate their emotions more frequently than he can imagine. He somehow missed the whole joke of his first ever teaser Fox News About his upcoming documentary “Men’s End”.

We say a documentary, but unlike true Tucker fans, they definitely consider this a parody, especially with all the homosexual undertones that come with all the pictures and description. In his purportedly “scientific” book on this controversial topic, Tucker Carlson states that testosterone in American men has decreased over the decades by 10%. Inside the joke, a man with a strange British accent says the following: “Once society falls apart, you are in hard times. Well, hard iron sharpens iron as they say, and those hard times inevitably produce strong men, men of resourcefulness, men strong enough to survive Life. Keep re-establishing order, and so the cycle begins again.”

Tucker Carlson failed to get the joke.

What’s even more fun is the whole picture that comes with the teaser of athletic men doing “manly” things but also showing off some of Carlson’s most inadvertently hidden desires? We honestly can’t tell if it was a joke or serious but let’s give Tucker the benefit of the doubt. One of the photos shows a nude man being charged by what appears to be a Tesla charging station? We’d get that much more if the surreal videos of Salvador Dali he liked doing so much. Honestly, achieving the end goal of a video like this should be considered a sport. at least very conservative republicans Take it the right way?