Ian Wright dismisses Arsenal’s top four hopes

Ian Wright reduced Arsenal’s chances of getting into the top four, due to them not scoring enough goals.

Wright scored 185 goals in 288 games for Arsenal, and the current group of players doesn’t have a man capable of hitting that kind of number. Alexandre Lacazette is Arsenal’s primary striker, but has only managed to score four goals in the league this season.

Wright believes Arsenal should score more goals, and signing the striker is the first place to start.

“The problem is the risk, it wasn’t half the chances, they were good chances. They needed a striker, we don’t have that striker. He’s trying to do that with the way we play,” Wright said, speaking to Premier League productions.

Saying that a team should score more goals may seem like an obvious solution to a soccer team, but it often stems from other problems. Not creating chances, not having enough ball and conceding too many goals can hinder your team’s chances of doing well.

As Wright mentioned, Arsenal create chances, play well and get to the right positions, but they don’t have a striker who can miss these chances regularly.

Arsenal lost Lacazette in their last game against Southampton, which means that Eddie Nketiah, who has yet to score a goal in the Premier League this season, has been replaced.

“Look at Tottenham, they can score. Man United have Cristiano Ronaldo, so you always have to imagine him with two goals to score. Arsenal at the moment are not scoring enough goals,” Wright added.

Both Tottenham and Manchester United are vying for Arsenal for the top four, but with the way the latter is going, there will be a clash between them in the last few matches.