Arcade Fire dedicates Coachella surprise performance song to Ukrainian youth

TCanadian indie rock psychedelic Arcade Fire surprised concertgoers and spectators alike by delivering an impromptu performance at this year’s Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California.

The band’s name has been added to the last minute schedule to play for an hour

Arcade Fire He was frank about his attitude toward the Russian invasion of Ukrainethey even hosted concerts for the benefit of the blue and yellow country, and raised 100 thousand dollars To help the country through the atrocities committed against its citizens, they have taken every opportunity to express their concern over the violence, and yesterday was no exception.

I want to dedicate this to everyone in Ukraine. Everyone in a punk rock band is in Ukraine right now. I think of everyone dealing with war right now

Butler wins, captain of the Arcade Fire team

They dedicated the song “suburbs” to me Young people and Ukrainians General by saying “It’s a time for amazing change, but you can’t let change break you. It’s okay to change, everything will be OK.”

“I want to dedicate this to everyone in Ukraine. Everyone in Ukraine’s punk rock band right now. I’m thinking of everyone dealing with war right now,” he continued.

They stop the show to help a crowd member

During the group, they opened the show with their new song “lightning” Only to come to an early end due to an attendant who needed medical attention, the man was in a state of grief and the band decided to stop until he was helped, in order to prevent a situation as happened in Travis Scott performance in Astroworld show where 10 people died During the ceremony, the concert stopped for some time.

Then, the people at the crown realized the attention by thanking the frontman and applauding.

The person in need of medical attention was taken out of the crowd and carried on a stretcher, so far his condition is unknown.