NBA Playoffs: Maxey takes the spotlight in the 76ers Game 1 win vs Raptors

Bbefore the Philadelphia 76ers Starting Saturday’s NBA games, everyone was betting on Joel Embiid or James Harden to lead the team. But the man who had other plans was Therese Maxi, who lost a season-high 38 points in Game One on Saturday. It was totally unplayable against Toronto, but the two main stars also put in solid performances to finish the match with a comfortable 20-point lead in this first game. Maxey had all kinds of variations in his repertoire that ranged from three pointers to impressive adventures. although Joel Embiid He was not able to score a lot of points (19), he got 15 rebounds during the whole match.

This contribution allowed players like Maxey and Harden to get more points from those defensive tackles. The whole day was all about the team result, not the individual performance and Embiid was well aware of it. The Toronto Raptors suffered a very unfortunate injury as Embiid fell on Scotty Barnes’ ankle, and the Toronto player had to be removed from the match. In the same action immediately after the injury, Fred Vanfleet was expelled from the match with six fouls and a character. It simply wasn’t the Toronto Raptors’ night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

James Harden was perfectly adapted to Philly.

We also need to give props to James Harden to see how quickly he can adapt to the 76ers. He only scored 22 points but made 14 dimes over the entire four quarters. By playing this way, there is a high chance for Philadelphia to go far in the playoffs. Maxey was just the latest addition to an already impressive roster led by two of the biggest stars in the NBA today. Game Two will also take place in Philadelphia next Monday before making a trip to Toronto for Game Three on Wednesday.