Vets convince conservatives to use ‘Magic Mushrooms’ therapy to combat PTSD

meIn recent years, the United States has shown huge numbers of people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Specially for military people who left the battlefields to go home and live their lives away from the dangers of combat.

treatment for Post-traumatic stress disorder They are now being studied largely because of the massive crisis in the United States, and in those studies to find effective treatment options they didn’t have to devise a new chemical or compound. Scientists turned to nature, “magical mushrooms to be exact.”

Scientists in nature search for answers

Former Army and Green Beret Matthew, Butler Retired after serving the country for 27 years, he returned to confront critical levels of PTSD which led to his arrest for his erratic behavior.

“I had a nice home, I had a great job, whatever, but I couldn’t sleep, had frequent nightmares, had extreme anxiety, and avoided crowds,” he says. “My life was a wreck.”

After trying drug therapy, he found a way to deal with the trauma he had experienced and get over it

Matthew is a Salt Lake City resident and advocates for psychedelic treatment for other veterans like himself so they can heal.

I had a nice home, I had a great job, whatever, but I couldn’t sleep, I had frequent nightmares, extreme anxiety, avoiding crowds… My life was a wreck

Matthew Butler, Army veteran

Denver, Colorado It became the first city to decriminalize Psilocybin consumption, and Oregon It is the first and only country to make the consumption of mushrooms completely legal. right Now Utah Who is the red state is not far behind, along with Texas Who has Democrats and Republicans working together to pass the bill and decriminalize consumption.

Texas Republicans and Democrats are working together to decriminalize mushrooms

Psilocybin is the active chemical compound for what is referred to as “magic mushrooms,” members of the mycological world that when ingested produce a psychedelic experience that has been shown to alter the state of consciousness.

Psilocybin replaces serotonin (the chemical associated with pleasure and love)

Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe semilanceata have been used for centuries throughout the world, yet the most well-known use has been in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. The consumption of natural cognitive enhancers has historically been associated with rites of passage among the indigenous population.

How has it been thoroughly studied? From a chemical standpoint, when ingested, Psilocybin replaces serotonin (the chemical associated with pleasure and love) and new neurotransmitters begin to occur. From a psychological point of view, these neurotransmitters affect the ego, helping a person to perceive more than just his own reality, focusing on the problem he wants to solve from a completely different perspective.

Here is a video explaining how it works and its effects in the brain