Amber Heard plays mind games with Johnny Depp by mirroring his outfits on the trial

HA day later, we get new evidence of Amber Heard’s indulgence Johnny Depp He has pathological tendencies. From the moment the two met at an audition for “Rum Diaries,” she set out to build her film career, but it was always driven by her obsession with Depp. Things reached a point of no return when the two got into a violent physical altercation, but the evidence at this trial still places Heard as the true villain of the story. Her legal team tried to kill Experience Four times and repeatedly refused to provide evidence requested by Depp’s legal team. Since she didn’t get what she wanted, Heard now plays mind games with Johnny which may prove her social tendencies.

From the last public appearances in which Johnny Depp was seen before this trial, he has been wearing an all-black shirt with black tie and an all-gray suit. Amber Heard wore the same outfit on the first day of the trial. On the same day, Depp decided to wear a black Gucci tie, and Amber Heard wore the same tie the next day. Johnny wore all-black that day and Heard wore all-black on the third day of the trial. Obviously, she’s just leaving the trial and going to buy the exact same outfit she wore, but why would she do this? Is he playing mind games with Deb or is she just making fun of him?

Amber Heard might lose this trial after all.

As it was proven during the early days of the trial, Johnny Depp made many mistakes during his relationship with Amber Heard but does not appear guilty of what she is accusing him of. Quite the contrary, she proves that she is an abuser who takes advantage of an introverted man who struggles to stand up for himself. When he met Amber, Depp was drawn to believe that she was truly his love but he missed finding out all the red flags. Depp himself told his therapist that he was ashamed that he had fallen in love with her. Reversing these clothes is just one of the last moves that has to make a negative impact on Johnny but it just won’t work.