New shooting reported at South Carolina mall, multiple people injured

an Saturday afternoon, shooting a South Carolina The mall left ten gunshot victims and two more were injured during the stampede as people rushed to the exits. Eight injured people were taken to hospital, including two in critical condition and six in stable condition.

The authorities do not believe the shooting in Columbiana Center It was an indiscriminate attack, and three people were arrested in possession of firearms believed to be in connection with the shooting. It was announced that at least one of these three had fired a weapon Columbia Police Chief WH “Skip” Holbrook.

“We don’t think this was random,” Holbrook said. We think they know each other and something led to the shooting.”

No deaths have been reported as of this post, but the youngest victim is 15 and the oldest is 73. As the mall evacuated shop after shop, police urged anyone still inside the establishment to call 911 so officials could find them.