Pink Full Moon: Why it happens and how to spot it in the sky?

TSaturday, April 16, pink full moon It can be seen in the sky, practically Easter Holiday A treat for stargazers, but it won’t just be a moment or night when you can watch it astronomical phenomenonbut a whole weekend.

Talking about full moons refers to the lunar phase that occurs approximately once a month, when the sun is Land The moon is in an imaginary 180 degree line.

The Moon’s orbit differs by about 5 degrees from Earth’s, so it is usually slightly above or below Earth’s shadow, allowing sunlight to illuminate its near side, or the side facing Earth, Andrea Jones, NASA science lecturerhe told

When is the pink full moon visible?

This Saturday, April 16, the moon is only full for a moment at 2:55 PM EDT (18:55 GMT), but in total it will appear full from the morning of Friday, April 15 until the early morning hours of Monday, April 18 , according to NASA.

However, in North America, the moon will not be visible above the horizon until after sunset on April 16.

Why is it known as Pink Full Moon?

Although it is regularly thought to be named for the color that Earth’s natural satellite shows, in fact it is due to Bright pink flowers bloom in early springAnd Creeping phlox or moss phlox (known by its scientific name Phlox subulata), a plant native to eastern North America.