The decision that saw Magic Johnson lose out on 5bn dollars

Magic Johnson revealed he regretted not signing a deal with Nike when making a deal NBA debuted in 1979.

Johnson Formulated to Los Angeles Lakers And she signed a cash deal with shoe company Converse instead of Nike.

“I’ve never heard of stocks at the age of 19,” he said. Johnson.

“So I took the money, and man, I was going to be a trillionaire by now.

“Do you think about 1979, getting that stock at the time, and what it’s worth today? Yikes. It kills me every time I think about it.”

“I’m like, ‘Man, Michael Jordan was making me so much money.'”

Sorry Magic Johnson $5.2 billion

Story of the Johnson He declined an offer from the co-founder of Nike Phil Knight Filmed in the sixth episode of the HBO series ‘Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty’.

Knight Offers Johnson $100,000, plus $1 for every shoe sold, which the fair estimated is worth $5.2 billion today. While that, Johnson He chose Converse’s $100,000 a year show.

Despite losing a huge amount of money, JohnsonHis net worth remains impressive at $600 million.

The 62-year-old is considered the greatest goalkeeper of all time and one of the best NBA players in basketball history.