The Best Ever Easter Day Matches Across Europe

The Easter holiday has always been a significant time in football annals. Some of the biggest matches of the European season are scheduled for this time. There is nothing like getting the whole family together for an afternoon of football. Much like Boxing Day, this weekend has a special place on the match calendar.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there were many exhilarating results from the mentioned matches. Teams hate losing on the Easter weekend but only one can win. Sometimes there are such results that it takes a whole week to absorb the shock from them.

In the spirit of Easter and chocolate eggs, football Shows the top five matches over recent years.

Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool (2021)

A season most Gunners wish they could erase from their memory. Arsenal missed out on qualifying for Europe for the first time in 25 years and that result became part of a larger problem. Mikel Arteta was hoping to put in a more lively display against a raging Liverpool side.

To be fair, Arsenal held off their strongest opponents in the Gulf for over an hour. After that, the gates opened as soon as Trent Alexander-Arnold began to weave his magic. Diogo Jota scored a double between Mohamed Salah’s usual goal. Arsenal did nothing in attack, as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s quiet game was amplified.

The Gabonese will be expelled from the club in 2022 before they lead the Xavi revival of Barcelona. However, on that day, it took an absolutely despicable performance from Arsenal to collapse. Liverpool advanced to qualify for the Champions League, while Arsenal finished eighth.

Seville 2-2 Barcelona (2018)

Ah, the old days when the Blaugrana had Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. The pair left under a cloud in back-to-back seasons but over the Easter 2018 holidays, there was no stopping the magic. The hosts advanced with two goals thanks to Franco Vazquez and Luis Morel, who scored the second goal after the end of the first half.

Barcelona were staring at their first league defeat in nearly a year before the Uruguayan gunslinger emerged. Suarez jumped from close range in the 88th minute to cut the difference after a period of intense Catalan pressure. With the far side up, the recently cleared goats took center stage a minute later.

Messi scored a beautiful equalizer from outside the penalty area, a feat he has achieved many times in the past. Barcelona pushed for victory in injury time but it wasn’t. Both sides settled on one point each after a thrilling finish, with the Blaugrana going on to win the league title.

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Borussia Dortmund 1-2 Eintracht Frankfurt (2021)

Before their victory over Barcelona in the Europa League at the Camp Nou, Frankfurt had been making waves in the Bundesliga. The Eagles team, led by Andre Silva’s great season, visited Signal Iduna Park.

Dortmund were aiming to take on RB Leipzig for second place and were looking for a major win. The match got off to a bad start almost immediately with Nico Schulz hitting his own net.

Erling Haaland and Marco Reus were doing their best after the shameless shock to reach Dortmund’s level. However, Frankfurt held its ground and kept the hosts in limbo. It required central defender Mats Hummels to level the score shortly before the end of the first half. The second half was even as both teams missed good chances moving forward.

Silva was still causing trouble and he was the one who scored the winning goal in the end. The striker headed Philip Kostik cross into the net to win the match. A special mention must also be made of Kevin Trapp who summoned this Easter spirit to make some great saves earlier.

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Chelsea 2-5 West Bromwich Albion (2021)

What is the result of the season in the English Premier League? It could very well be, given the context of the match and what has happened since then. Chelsea were driving under new coach Thomas Tuchel, who has turned them into a defensive giant.

West Bromwich Albion was staring at the landing arena in the face. The match started as expected, and Christian Pulisic opened the scoring within 30 minutes. Then the world rose and did not sit still.

Just two minutes after the goal, Thiago Silva was ordered to walk. The Brazilian defender received his second yellow card after a poor challenge to Okai Yuksloo. Silva had just come back from a long absence due to an injury and it showed. However, no one was ready for what West Bromwich Albion would do next. Bages scored two goals in stoppage time in the first half through Mateus Pereira.

Callum Robinson got into action after the hour mark to double the lead. Chelsea regained the difference through substitute Mason Mount but the misery is not over yet. M’Baye Diani scored the fourth goal before Robinson scored a double in stoppage time.

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Remarkable result from all accounts and even more so now. Chelsea would go on to win the Champions League and relegated West Bromwich Albion.

Inter 2-2 Milan (2017)

Two arch rivals from the same city go head-to-head with the match decided at the last possible minute? Yes please! Long days before Inter won the Serie A or Milan re-emerged under Stefano Pioli, the duo were embroiled in an entertaining confrontation. Inter advanced with two goals in the first half through Antonio Candreva and Mauro Icardi.

Milan was puffing and puffing for speed up to that point. However, the complexion of the game changed after the break. Milan began to dominate possession and became more adventurous, desperate not to lose. The intense pressure on Inter’s goal finally paid off in the 83rd minute when Alessio Romagnoli scored the end. Inter were holding out and seemed to have done enough to secure three points to bypass Milan in the table.

Well, as the saying goes, “It’s not over until it’s over.” Veteran defender Christian Ramos appeared in the seventh minute of stoppage time with a goal that seemed to cross the line. Gary Medel did his best to clear the ball but the referee confirmed what already seemed clear: Milan had the equaliser. The two teams played their second 2-2 draw this season and it was the perfect end to the Easter holiday.