Surprise in Colombia due to James Rodriguez’s silence after the death of Freddy Rincon

sAnecdotes and full details about the previous sports and personal life appeared real madrid Midfielder Freddy Rincon After he sadly passed away on April 13.

After he retired from football, Rincon He became an expert in television and radio. He gained huge popularity among fans due to his strong but often accurate opinions.

Rincon He was criticized recently Colombian national team Because of their results on the field and the shape of certain players, including James Rodriguezwho questioned him on several occasions.

Rumors spread of a clash between the two men, but Rinconson, Freddy StephenHe explained the situation when speaking to the media in Cali on Thursday.

“The problem with James Rodriguez It was something of an explanation.”

“He never wanted to harm his name or anyone else’s. He had seen things that didn’t go well and he didn’t like, but he never had the intention of belittling someone.

“These issues caused us to worry and we said to him, ‘Dad, stop that, because you’re going to get in trouble.

He said why [would I] If you tell the truth? One would have seen that he was right. He just did not make up the way he said things, nor did he prevent anything; But without affecting anyone.”

where Colombia failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, mosques He did not post anything on his social media pages.

There will be those who think that the first real madrid The player can never beat criticism, others who think he simply overlooked and others who are sure that he is still affected by disqualification. In fact, there was no condolences but silence.