Orioles have great walk-off win against the Yankees in extra innings

nYork Yankees shooter Aroldis Chapman was responsible for closing the inning for the team, but instead of hitting Ramon Urreas, he decided to throw the slider at the bottom of the eleventh inning to give the Baltimore Orioles a 2-1 win over the Yankees. On Friday night.

The Bronx Bombers failed to score in overtime for a very tight match, and Baltimore took advantage of the rules-laden scenario in the eleventh inning to score a massive victory.

Win a date with the Orioles

The bases are loaded thanks to walk-ups by Anthony Bembom and Calvin Gutierrez. Chapman, who only delivered four hits in 16 throws to the board, hit Cedric Mullins. And when it looked like they were going into the twelfth inning, Ramen Uras came in to grab a slide and hit four balls to win the ninth.

Aaron Boone is kicked out of the game

Prior to this episode, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was fired for his persistent complaints and antics against the referee.

Joey Krehbiel claimed his first major league win tonight

Picher Joey Krehbiel has also cemented himself as one of the best closeouts in the Orioles franchise this season. Giancarlo Stanton had a star-studded night for his cast, including what appeared to be the go-ahead for additional roles. Anthony Rizzo, came shortly after the Stanton call. Baltimore player Jordan Lyles only allowed one to six runs in five and three innings. He also hit four Yankees players.