Rapper DaBaby shoots trespasser and then calls 911, screams of pain are heard in the recording (AUDIO)

ahio Rapper DaBaby has been in the news recently because he had his North Carolina home broken into, and he’stand on the groundState it so that the rapper did not break any laws; there is now audio about the call he made to the police to report the infringer.

In the audio recording, we can hear loud, painful screams from the home invader who was shot in the leg, a business dababy Confirm to the dispatch agent who took 911 call.

The rapper stands in front of the person who was shot, and the assailant clearly knew it was dababy Ownership because he mentioned rapper Jonathan Lyndell Kirk.

The rapper states that he was protecting his house and defending himself and that’s why he shot the intruder.

Can’t you hear this guy?

While calling 911, the dispatcher asked him about the condition of the person who broke in, and if he was on full alert, DaBaby replied ruthlessly, “Don’t you hear that guy, brother?

He chose not to take out a *** life that day and was relieved. A friend does not deserve to go, I step straight. Heal and live my son! Just don’t come, donkey baccalaureate


He also states that it is difficult to hear the sender due to loud complaints from the attacker, and he is also asked if there are more people.

Furthermore, DaBaby is asked to secure the gun when he replies that he will not put down his firearm due to constant threatbecause the aggressor is still conscious, and there may also be more people.

The intruder received medical attention and was taken to hospital for treatment of his non-life-threatening wound.

Later, DaBaby mentioned that he was happy didn’t kill anyone By saying “I chose not to take a *** life the other day and I felt good. A friend doesn’t deserve to go, I tread faithfully. Heal and live my son! Just don’t turn him back.”