COVID-19 cases on the rise in the United States

TThe United States is heading towards what could be another spread of covid-19With Cases are rising nationally And in most states after a Low for two months.

“We don’t know to what height this mountain will grow,” he said. Dr. Stuart Campbell Rayan infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins University.

Nobody expected a peak approaching the previous high when it was Infectious omicron copy Corona virus among the population.

Is there a new type of corona virus?

Experts warn that the next wave is caused by a A mutant called BA.2 thought to be around 30% more contagious.

The New BA.2 It will drive hospitalizations in an increasing number of states in the coming weeks.

They say the status wave will be bigger than it looks, because the reported numbers are less than the big number Test more people at home without reporting their injuries or skipping the test altogether.

At the height of the previous omicron eruption, reported daily cases reached Hundreds of thousands.

Vaccination efficacy

On April 14, the seven-day circulating rate of daily new cases increased to 39,521, arrive from 2 weeks before that 30,724, According to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Experts said keeping the increase somewhat under control is a higher level of immunity in the United States The United States of vaccination Or a previous infection compared to early winter.

on 55 covid-19 patients Are staying in the hospital, compared to more than 600 1 point in the epidemic.

Experts said vigilance is a good strategy, as the coronavirus is constantly causing curve balls to be thrown.

One of the most recent: the most contagious sub-variants of BA.2 found in New York State, Known as BA.2.12 and BA.2.12.1. Scientists warn that new and dangerous variables may emerge at any time.