Barcelona: Barcelona made three million euros through the sale of tickets to Frankfurt fans

meChaotic evenings at Camp Nou were over 30,000 Eintracht Frankfurt Fans got an entry BarcelonaThe stadium, despite the fact that it should have had only 5,000 German backers inside, it is believed that Los Coles have raised three million euros by selling tickets to opponent fans.

So far little is known about how this situation came about, although Barcelona has launched an investigation into how many tickets far away fans have been able to buy.

However, Barcelona Vice-President Elena Forte announced that the club made an estimated profit of three million euros from the sale of match tickets.

“We must open our eyes and meditate,” Fort declared.

“I am ashamed of everything we experienced at the Camp Nou on Thursday.”

What happened in the days leading up to the match was a massive increase in ticket sales on the ground, with Barcelona believing their fans were preparing to support the team towards a European semi-final.

Instead, these requests were made by Frankfurt fans, all before the club could realize what was happening and install an IP identification tool to prevent tickets from being sold to German computers.