Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham make charitable wedding request due to ‘devastating’ situation in Ukraine

WHealst was not the historic wedding he witnessed David Beckham And Victoria Adams tie the knot, Brooklyn Beckham And Nicholas Peltz She was officially married on Saturday. However, the couple refused wedding gifts and instead asked for donations to the cause of Ukraine.

She now has several weeks since then Russian President Vladimir Putin He ordered the invasion of Ukraine, with casualties continuing to rise on both sides, prompting the world to lend their great support behind the Ukrainian effort.

Accusations of war crimes by the invading Russian forces continue to be confirmed put it inIDF forces attempted to use chemical weapons in Mariupol on Monday.

In response to this sad situation, Brooklyn Beckham And Nicholas Peltz Guests at their wedding were asked to donate,

“My father talked about this in his speech at our wedding … I and I are devastated by what is happening in Ukraine,” beltz Posted on Instagram.

“We have asked for donations to CAREORG in lieu of wedding gifts. Everything helps.”