Barcelona: Laporta: I’m embarrassed by the number of Eintracht Frankfurt fans at the Camp Nou

yoan Laporta spoke about his embarrassment at the events that unfolded in the stands at Camp Nou Thursday night.

There were about 20,000 Eintracht Frankfurt Fans around the stadium and Barcelona The chief gave his thoughts on the situation.

“I am concerned because what happened was embarrassing and cannot be repeated,” he said.

“We have information about what happened, but we need time to process it.

“We will take action because it is disgraceful and shameful.”

Laporta He said the club is investigating how this happened and then they will take measures to prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.

“We can’t allow this kind of situation to happen, we have to be tougher,” he said.

“We are looking into what happened with the security and ticketing department. It’s a situation that no one wants,” he added.

“When we process all the information, we will explain everything and take action.”