Elon Musk just sparked an unprecedented bidding war over Twitter’s takeover

WWith the just-announced offer to buy Twitter, Elon Musk made all the other strong players wonder why it took them so long to make a move. You have to understand that Twitter remains one of the last places where information can roam freely without verification. Even pornography has a place on Twitter for anyone with an account, but the company puts a limit on free speech or any kind of graphic violence. Elon Musk made the decision to submit his bid as a way to fight the so-called cancel culture and The growth of freedom of expression. Although Musk may have a very unique idea of ​​what free speech means.

Twitter has the new highest share.

Elon Musk didn’t last as the biggest stakeholder in Twitter until a full week after Vanguard Group defeated the tech mogul. It’s a stock company that just announced that it currently owns 82.4 million shares in the company or 10.3% of the company. Previously, Elon had a 9.2% stake in Twitter after his own purchase, but this advantage was short-lived. However, Elon still holds the highest stake in the company, and founder Jack Dorsey comes in second. Vanguard Group is the bigger name but they aren’t just one guy like Elon.

Also, stock group Thoma Bravo is also considering an offer to buy Twitter like What did Elon Musk do?. The New York Post just reported that it plans to make a more significant bid to buy Twitter than Elon Musk’s. The Tesla CEO recently revealed that he is not planning to make a bigger offer than the one he already made. All this movement simply begs the question: Was Elon Musk really intending to buy Twitter or did he make this first offer simply in order to start a bidding war between stock groups and other big companies?