Miles Bridges’ tantrum of throwing his mouthguard at a fan cost him $50,000

mecost Charlotte Hornets straight ahead Miles Bridges So much money for hitting a fan’s mouth guard, the NBA fined him $50,000.

During the Wednesday night game between Charlotte and Atlanta HawksBridges was fired after protesting the referees six minutes before the end of an NBA game.

Miles Bridges’ temper tantrum

With the loss of the match and the exclusion of his team, such as Atlanta was leading 112-81 At the time, Miles Bridges made his way into the locker room while being booed, and one scream infuriated the player in particular.

The bridges reacted improperly and tried to hit the fan with the mouthguard, but the shell hit a 16 year old girl in the face, for which he was fined $50,000.

Bridges wants to connect with the girl and do something for her

After the match, the player was embarrassed by what happened and said that he would bear all the consequences imposed by the NBA, which he would have to do. Pay the fine fee.

“I was upset with (the referees’) decisions. I definitely shouldn’t have done that, I targeted the guy who was yelling at me and I hit a girl. I take responsibility and I will take any consequences The NBA imposes on mesaid the attacker.

I accepted the bridges of responsibility

He reiterated that what happened on Wednesday night was unacceptable and that it was a mistake, so those affected will seek to apologize and do something for it.

“It was definitely a mistake, a lot of feelings and I hope to reach out to the young lady and sincerely apologize to her and do something good for her, but that is definitely up to me,” A 24-year-old basketball player said.

Charlotte has been eliminated from the season and Atlanta will be looking to survive Friday and make the NBA playoffs when they take on Cleveland Cavaliers This Friday to find a discount Miami Heatthe first seeds in Eastern Conference During the playoff round of the first round.