Gregg Popovich retirement update: Reportedly staying with Spurs for one more year

The is San Antonio Spurs They dream of keeping their coach for another year. Reports from Texas indicate that Greg Popovich He can come back with the franchise for at least another year.

People close to Spurs, and to Popovic himself, say the reason he’s staying is because he loves what he does on the sidelines and because he needs to”Be in the gym. “

Spurs eliminated by swans

The franchise season ended last Wednesday when New Orleans Pelicans Eliminate them in the playoffs. San Antonio were left with a record 34 wins for 48 losses, a good 10th place in their conference.

After the loss, Popovic tied in his third season without making the playoffs, having achieved the previous season 22 consecutive seasons played in the Elimination Series.

Some fans do not share the view of many others, that Popovic is still at the helm of the team in 73 years. But those who do, appeal to the fact that his years in the league can give the team titles.

But then you look at the numbers, and the fans realize that this is the third year in a row that their team has failed to achieve post-season.

Record number of wins as a coach in the NBA

Unlike this season and the other three seasons without playoffs, Greg Popovich set a new record in NBA history. The first coach became the winning league coach Don Nelson.

The previous record was 1,335 wins, but when Spurs were eliminated, Popovic added nearly a dozen more and left the record at won 1344 matches.

The rings that he has in his hands also make him a top coach, having won five titles in the sport.