UFC: Jake Paul insists he’ll fight in the UFC sooner or later

meIn the same way he made his way into professional boxing through social media, Jake Joseph Paul was clear that one way to add to his legacy is to enter mixed martial arts classes.

However, the crusade of fighters competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to get better pay and get funding for medical services should they get hurt, is something that didn’t go well with the company’s president.

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Despite this, Jake Paul continues to hint that at some point he will transition from professional boxing to mixed martial arts, where he will undoubtedly end up fighting a UFC match.

“I think it’s time for me to prove myself more on the boxing side, and very soon the UFC and MMA side. It’s undeniable for me to get into the octagon or fight for one of these other organizations against a big name,” the Cleveland native said while appearing on a podcast. The Fight with Teddy Atlas “I think it’s all a matter of time.”

Jake confirmed that Dana White has already begun to follow his brother Logan’s path as well as his own.

“He seems to be open to it. He’s said on my brother’s podcast that he might let Logan fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And I think he’s reaching out to me, starting to see what I’m really like and what I’m doing. I don’t like that I insist on paying fighters and hurting his work.” , and to be an Endeavor contributor and push the investment side of things. There’s definitely a dispute there, so…we’ll see what happens,” he emphasized.

For now, Jake Paul continues to train hard as he confirms that next August he will be back in the ring.

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A few days ago, former world champion Oscar De La Hoya mentioned that Jack Paul has what it takes to become a champion.

“He’s a real boxer. With only four fights under his belt and the way he takes it so seriously, he’s real. I would challenge anyone with experience as a boxer or in MMA to throw the challenge at him. This guy can beat the good champions and maybe the great champions. He takes Seriously, it’s not a passing thing. He wants to become a world champion,” he said.