Idris Elba confirms whether he used to sell weed to Dave Chapelle or not

a A few days ago, there was a report Dave Chappelle It is alleged that Idris Elba was selling him hashish in order to pay for the acting school. We still haven’t heard from the actor who starred in The Wire, The Jungle Book, and Sonic 2 recently. Elba was talking about his career on The Jess Cagle Podcast and opened the door about some dark moments in his career. despite of Marijuana is now legal in the entire country, Elba learned that during that time he sold the plant, it wasn’t legal at all. But Dave Chapelle called him up for it and Idris had to come out to confirm this info during that podcast.

During the apparition, Idris Elba just came out and said, “I was selling cannabis,” Elba explained. “I only did a little bit of it, you know, to help pay. I was a little DJ. I was a janitor. I was a janitor at Caroline’s Comedy Club. [in New York]And, which is pretty cool now, when I meet the comedians you kind of remember the Englishman. A tall Englishman with a funny accent and a bit of hair. David Chappelle remembers me for buying weed from me. Anyway, go ahead. Yes, I did all kinds of things to be honest, all kinds of things. “

Is Idris Elba ashamed of selling cannabis in the past?

Judging by how much abolition culture has captured the entire Hollywood elite, Idris Elba would naturally feel bad for what he did. However, the new age of legal materials is upon us and weed is one of the lightest ones. Today, we are even in the presence of the new fastest growing industry in the USA. Even Hollywood has changed its tune regarding weed, stars like Idris Elba will not suffer any backlash for being sold in the past.