UFC: A.J. McKee wants $1 million per fight to stay with Bellator

AJ Maki I revealed what it would take MMA . Bellator To keep him on board for so long, just days before his first title defense.

The 27-year-old featherweight has quickly established himself as one of the faces of the company, but the two sides are at loggerheads over a new contract that would see him exceed his existing obligations under the champ’s clause in his current contract.

“They did [try to re-sign me]Maki said MMA watch. “I’ve already fought for a million dollars in the past. I feel like I should never see anything less than a million dollars again, especially with the accomplishments I’ve had. Every time I step into that cage, there’s an ‘O’ on a log.” “

For me to look back, anything under a million, I feel it just doesn’t make sense.

AJ Maki

Maki claims he will win $250,000 To defend his next title against Patricio Pitbull, which will be shown as the main event of 277- Tahir On Showtime Friday Night.

Will McKee sign with the UFC?

Maki’s statements about his current Bellator The contract and the money he wants to earn in the future, on the other hand, may eventually lead to the separation of the two parties. The fighter was mentioned UFC As a potential landing point for several years, even before he became the Bellator champ, so his potential exit could pave the way for a deal with them.

“Having the UFC belt one day, it’s going to happen. It’s inevitable. It’s an achievement and an honor that I’d love to have under my belt. Being a champion there too,” Mackey said.

Even when compared to the UFC Championship Alexander Volkanovsky, Who will be knocked out of the fourth TKO round against “The Korean zombie “Chan Sung Jung”McKee has always considered himself the best featherweight in the sport.

Mackie is hoping for a fast track to the title if he eventually leaves Bellator for the UFC, but the fight he really wants isn’t what will make him a champion.