Video shows Patrick Lyoya arrested and shot in the head by Michigan police

TWednesday has a video share it Grand Rapids, Michigan Police Shows how a black man, identified as Patrick Liuyalooks face down on the ground being violently subdued by an officer to finally be He was executed by gunfire.

The events took place last April 4, when Liuya, 26, was killed outside a house after a white officer stopped him in his car and chased him on foot, and a struggle ensued due to an electric taser, according to the images shown in the videos.

Eric WeinstromA former high-ranking Chicago police chief and the city’s new chief of police since March, decided to release four videos with photos of the stop-and-shoot, arguing “I consider it a tragedy…it’s been a succession of grief for me.”

How was the arrest and death of Patrick Liuya?

According to the video, which was compiled from the Liuya passenger, the officer’s body-worn camera, the officer’s patrol car and the doorbell camera, the black man was stopped for driving with a license plate that did not belong to his car.

However, Liuya, who is from Congo, got out of the car before the officer, a seven-year veteran who had been on paid leave during the investigation, approached. The soldier ordered Liuya to get back in the car, but the man refused, as part of a 90-second fight.

Pictures of the arrest and murder of Patrick Liuya.

Pictures of the arrest and murder of Patrick Liuya.

The policeman chased Lyoya on foot, asked him if he spoke English and demanded his driver’s licence. As soon as he met the man, the officer repeatedly ordered Yuya to “let go” of the bolt, at one point demanding: “Down the bolt!” Until the fatal shot occurred.

“From my point of view in the video, Taser was posted twice. Taser never made contact,” Weinstrom told reporters. “And Mr. Liuya was shot in the head. However, this is the only information I have.”

Attorney General Chris Baker, who will decide whether any charges are warranted, objected to the release of the video, but said Winstrom could act alone.

“While the videos posted today are important evidence, they are not all evidence,” he said.

Pictures of the arrest and murder of Patrick Liuya.

Pictures of the arrest and murder of Patrick Liuya.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who spoke to his family, said Liuya had two daughters and five brothers.

“He arrived in the United States as a refugee with his family to escape the violence,” Whitmer said. “His whole life was ahead of him.”

“The video clearly shows that this was an unnecessary, excessive and lethal use of force against an unarmed black man who was disoriented by the confrontation and feared for his life,” civil rights attorney Ben Crump said in a statement.

The Crump and Liuya family will hold a press conference Thursday afternoon, while more than 100 people marched to Grand Rapids City Hall ahead of a city committee meeting Tuesday night, chanting “Black lives matter” and “No justice, no peace.”