Mike Pence dismisses Lia Thomas’ race win because she is transgender

FOrmer, Vice President of the United States Mike Pence He gave a lecture at the University of Virginia on Tuesday evening, in which he discussed a number of issues, including: Leah ThomasLast NCAA win.

in March , Thomas She became the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I National Championship event, doing so in the women’s 500-yard freestyle, but penny He refuses to accept this win as valid.

Emma Wayant Win this race,” penny He said while speaking on the college campus.

“I know that in his State of the Union address to the president Biden He promised to stand by God who granted men the right to compete in women’s sports, but common sense must and will prevail.

“We need to defend the integrity of women’s sports in America for the benefit of women everywhere.”

Controversial visit of Mike Pence

It has been known for some time that penny He was going to visit the University of Virginia, which sparked controversy on campus.

The University of Virginia student newspaper had called last month to withdraw his invitation, but that campaign was unsuccessful and penny I actually spoke to the students on Tuesday night.

The former vice president even spoke of attempts to stop his visit during an answer in which he discussed the right to free speech, a right he believes has been erased.

“I heard there was a little controversy before my visit to the University of Virginia,” he joked to the audience.

“I don’t have to tell governors on any college campus in America about the assault on free speech.”

pennyHer appearance was organized by the Young America Foundation, a conservative organization. He and other conservative speakers have appeared at such events, and toured various universities across the country. He is expected to visit other universities in the coming weeks.