Phil Foden challenge from Felipe slammed by ex-referee

Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey has criticized the challenge faced by Manchester City star Phil Foden early in the match against Atletico Madrid.

The England international was hit in the head by Atletico defender Felipe, and Halsey insists he was reckless and deserves a yellow card.

“Foden goes up for an aerial challenge, wins the ball and Felipe comes from behind, with no chance of winning the ball. He knows exactly what he’s doing – it’s a bad challenge and for me German referee Daniel Seibert had to warn the player.” caught abroad.

“This was a perfect opportunity for the referee to establish his authority in the match because if you don’t do it in the early stages with a challenge like this, they will see him as a weak referee.

“For me that’s a clear yellow card, it was reckless from Felipe, with no chance of winning the ball.”

Diego Simeone’s side is known for his aggressive style, and this is a great example of that, but no one wants to see him really put the player in danger.

Fortunately Foden appears to be looking good in play, albeit with a bandage on his head, but the referees definitely need to do more to punish players when they suffer a head injury.