Millie Bobby Brown hates being sexualized simply for turning 18

meIt must be very taxing for a young actress like Millie B.B. Brown to become instantly sexual once she hits a certain age. In the past, other actresses have also suffered from this since the first day of the age of 18. Cases like Christina Ricci or the Fanning sisters immediately come to mind. But for the outspoken young actress, she clearly wouldn’t keep silent in such a rude way of portraying her as something she doesn’t feel comfortable with. In this day and age, women of all ages should feel happy to express themselves as they see fit and no media outlet needs to sell more at their expense. Millie Bobby Brown is working to make sure that outlets are exposed to public disgrace because of these practices that must stop.

Brown appeared on the “Guilty Feminist” podcast to discuss this just weeks after turning 18: “Any 18-year-old who approaches the commute as an adult and has relationships and friendships and being loved and trying to fit in,” Brown said. “It’s all a lot, and you’re trying to find yourself doing it. The only difference is, obviously, I’m doing it in the public eye, so it can be really overwhelming. I’ve definitely been dealing with [being sexualized] More in the last two weeks of turning 18 – I definitely see a difference between the way people behave and the way the press and social media have reacted to my adulthood. I guess this shouldn’t change anything, but it’s sickening and true. It is a very good representation of what is happening in the world and how young girls are sexualized. I’ve been dealing with that — but I’ve also been dealing with that forever.”

Millie Bobby Brown is also promoting the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Conveying another cool theme for Brown, the Yug actress is reprising her role as Elvin in Season 4 of Weird things This is an unexpected comeback that everyone will love. A fan favorite returns to the show but with a massive twist. Millie Bobby Brown does everything in her power to impress all Stranger Things fans of what’s to come. In her role as Eleven, the young actress has full powers and is ready to take on any enemy from the Upside Down. This is definitely her standout role as an actress but she has been in many great creations from movies and the television Which has already given her a wonderful career. At just 18 years old, Millie Bobby Brown has no limits in the sky.