Miles Bridges loses it, throws mouthguard at Hawks fan and hurts a woman (VIDEO)

meOutside the NBA, there is an unwritten rule Charlotte Hornets“Miles Bridges violated today against Atlanta Hawks. No matter how much harassment NBA players get, they can never respond with violence against fans. Anyone who does this should receive a heavy penalty from the league, it is simply not acceptable. In Wednesday’s game, the Hornets were visiting Atlanta for a Play-In game but they took a big hit. Miles was fired for a double technical foul after getting into a heated argument over a benchmark decision. Clearly, the bridges were frustrated and they were kicked out. This caused Hawks’ entire fan base to chase after him with loud sarcasm.

When he left the stadium, a fan was taunting him as he entered the tunnel but Miles had none. At first glance you can see how he apparently tried to slap the fan’s hand but the replay shows a more aggressive response. Reports confirmed that Miles threw his mouthguard at the fan but missed it. However, he didn’t miss the lady who was next to that clip that had nothing to do with the brawl. Even if he shocked the fan he was teasing, NBA players should know better about feeling hot in these moments. They’re still human after all, but using violence against fans is a major “no-no” thing in the NBA.

How can the National Basketball Association punish Bridges?

After reports surfaced that Miles had injured the woman, the Charlotte Hornets first had to send him to the press box and apologize publicly. After that, the NBA will likely impose a heavy fine and suspension that will not count until next season. The Charlotte Hornets ended their career this season with a loss to the Charlotte Hornets. Bridges will go home to decompress and then serve out his potential sentence. Since his aggression wasn’t extreme, he could get between 5 and 10 games of suspension as the NBA usually does with these stances. Hopefully Miles will repent of what he did and think better before he does something like this again.