Deadliest Attacking Trio In The EPL Right Now

The Premier League has been fortunate to have witnessed some of the most lethal treble attacks in European football. The striker trident scored for Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez in the 2008/09 season for Manchester United three times.

Manchester United’s Carlos Tevez (centre) celebrates his goal with Wayne Rooney (left) and Cristiano Ronaldo (right)

The attacking trio of Sterling, Suarez and Sturridge who led Liverpool’s title in 2013/14 or the killer Mane, Firmino and Salah who led Liverpool to the Champions League in 2018/19 and their first Premier League title in 2019/20.

(Image source; Daily Express website / official website)

Three new killer attacking streaks in the Premier League are now emerging at Tottenham Hotspur under Antonio Conte. The attacking javelin throws of Dejan Kulusevsky, Harry Kane and Hong Min Son single-handedly boosted the winning chances. Lilywhites Securing a place in the Champions League this season as their rivals fade away.

Harry Kane and Hong Min Son’s partnership has become the most effective and feared in the Premier League over the past two seasons and the addition of Dejan Kulusevski added a new dimension to the Spurs attack. His instant understanding of Qin and Sun made them an extremely lethal attacking trident.

The synergy between Kulusevski, Kane and Son is a beautiful thing to see on the football field. The trio fit together easily and smoothly in the offensive third. Their complementary skill set adds to their synergy making them arguably the three most lethal players in the Premier League at the moment, although the likes of Mane, Jota, Salah and even Luis Diaz may now have something to say about it.

The creative spark of Harry Kane

Harry Kane has always had amazing creativity and assisting numbers in a striker. His ability to collapse deep and find his leg running behind him is second to none. He has become the main creator of Spurs since Eriksen’s departure.

This season it has become more effective in it. He is able to break free from the center of defense and catch the ball. If he is allowed to turn he is always able to find the wing-back coming forward on the opposite side or the wing-back on the other side. This slasher ball has become part of Harry Kane’s repertoire and is hard to defend.

When Kane drops in the middle of the field to collect the ball, his effectiveness is world-class. Just ask Hueng-Min Son who was the main benefactor of Harry Kane’s creative pass.

Since Kulusevsky’s arrival at Spurs, Kane has found another outlet apart from Son. When Kane drops deep, Son runs forward on the opposite flank and extends the defense while Kulusevsky drops into half of the spaces on the other side, always providing another offensive pass option for Tottenham’s No. 10.

Harry Kane’s creative spark enabled Son and Kulusevsky to be influential, and so the England captain became the most important factor in this three new lethal front at Spurs.

At the moment, Harry Kane has scored 12 goals and made 8 assists in the league. These numbers are bound to rise as Kulusevski, Kane and Son get used to each other’s movements, especially the auxiliary numbers.

A good example of Kane’s creativity was his performance against Villa Gerrard. The England captain didn’t score a goal that day but his creative influence was evident to everyone.

The deadly nature of the son

Hueng-Min Son quietly became Tottenham’s most effective striker. He has taken the baton from Kane as the most forward striker in the Tottenham dressing room. This season, he scored 17 goals and assisted 7 others in the league.

He is constantly looking to exploit the space behind the opponent’s defense line and does so with great success. Capable of the extraordinary, he is a killer with both feet and even his head. The Korean is a real natural scorer, his partnership with Kane has become the most lethal in the English Premier League this season, He surpassed the likes of Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard, who netted 36 goals In the years they played together.

Son has always been a goal killer that is even more evident in the predictable goal stats he has been able to outpace each season. If Kane’s pass is the spark, Son’s ending is a blazing fire constantly lit by the England captain.

The additional threat of Kolosevsky helped Son a lot as well. He is able to easily reach the end of Kulusevski’s ground balls across the face of the goal. Fortunately, the great Swede is very effective at this. Kulusevski dribbles from the line and pulls the cross for Son who always makes a late run into the space in the penalty area.

Comprehensive attacker threat to Kulusevsky

Dejan Kulusevsky has looked at home since coming to the Premier League. No one in the league has had more passes than the Swede since arriving with six goals.

The young Swedish player was the missing link in the Tottenham attack. Last season with the exception of Kane and Son, no other Tottenham player left a real mark. Defenders also found the duo easy to contain, but the additional threat of Kolosevsky changed things.

Kulusevski became the mediator between Kane and Son in a short period. When the Son port is closed as an option, Kane easily finds that Kulusevski is using half the space on the other side to receive the ball and turn.

The ginger winger who plays like this Tottenham striker has tremendous technical prowess. He can raise the ball when needed. Easily dribble opponents or play the perfect pass to stand a chance. It’s also deceptively fast and powerful. So, even if only given a little space and time, it can still be effective in the last third.

All his attacking abilities were the missing link for Spurs. Kulusevski also benefits from the fact that the EPL’s defenses already know very well the threat that Son and Kane possess. Allow him more space and time on the ball for now. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts his game once teams begin to recognize the attacking threat he poses.

A real witness on this new 3 lethal front in Tottenham is the trio’s goal and numbers assist. Kulusevski, Kane and Son since the arrival of the Swede have had major successes in the league. The trio ranks first, second, and third on this scale. Kane at 13, Son at 12 and Kulusevksi at 9.

If they continue to play this way together, the trio will surely go down as one of the three greatest forwards to ever grace the league.