Boxing: Ebanie Bridges: Lots of haters out there that can’t get past the boobs

aAustralian boxer Ibany Bridges She mentioned that her traits are often overlooked because people care more about her breasts.

bridges Defeated Maria Cecilia Roman To become the IBF Champion in March, and some fans are finally starting to recognize her ability.

After she uploaded a video of her beating Roman on Twitter, one of her followers stated that he had downplayed her boxing ability.

“He was completely wrong about Ibany Bridgesmuch better than I thought,” read the letter.

bridges She then quoted the message on Twitter and stated that she is used to not recognizing her boxing ability.

“My breasts must be distracting and you can’t see the skill,” she said.

“Don’t worry, you’re not alone, a lot of haters out there can’t get past boobs… Glad you were wrong.”

Ibany Bridges

Ibanee Bridges: “Debes haberte distrado con mis tetas y no pudiste ver mis cualidades como boxedora”Getty Images

Ibanee Bridges: I can fight and look hot on the scale

After defeating Roman last month, bridges launched a scathing attack on its critics.

“I would say, ‘Can I fight or not?'” she told DAZN Sports. “

“F*** you guys who think I can’t fight.

“I can fight. I can box, I can fight and I can look hot in the scale, so I hope I’ve proven a lot of skeptics wrong.”

Ibany Bridges says the COVID-19 vaccine has led to breast augmentation

In January 2021, bridges She mentioned that her breasts had grown after being vaccinated against COVID-19.

The 35-year-old commented on an article claiming that Pfizer The vaccine leads to an increase in breast size in women.

“I’m not going to lie, I feel like my boobs have been huge lately… It must have been a jab, it all makes sense,” she wrote on Twitter.