Jack Grealish explains why he plays with his socks rolled down

Few footballers can claim as much of an influence on popularity as Jack Grealish does in England. From his pristine hair to his big calves, revealed by his rolling stockings, Grealish cut a unique personality on the field.

After moving £100m from Aston Villa north to Manchester in the summer, Grealish has failed to win a regular spot in Manchester City’s squad so far. Although he has made 32 appearances so far this season, he is averaging under 70 minutes per appearance. However, he is not the only star who has undergone a period of adaptation under Pep Guardiola.

Speaking to UEFA before the return leg against Atlético Madrid On Wednesday, Grealish was asked if he could explain why his wearing of his socks was different from the others.

“It was just something I’ve done since I was a kid. I think I was around 14 or 15 in a villa, and socks were shrinking in the wash; in training, I couldn’t get it up [them] over my leg because the socks were too small. I started wearing them under my feet while training and that season I ended up playing really well. It was just something that stuck because I had such a good season.”

He also explained that his legs aren’t something he’s intentionally working on.

“Do I do anything to keep my calves? I actually don’t. It’s just something that runs in the family; my grandfather always had big calves when he played football. Honestly, it’s just something I’ve had since I was little.”

Grealish played a superb role in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final, entering the last 22 minutes in the union, although his main participation was a quarrel with Sim Vrsaljko.