Cavaliers 108-115 Nets: Three perfect quarters for Kyrie Irving led Nets to playoffs by beating Cavaliers

The is Brooklyn Networks He knocked out the NBA Play-In with an outstanding performance at home thanks to Keri Irving Then their great leader Kevin Durantwho led them to a 115-108 victory over Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday evening at the Barclays Center.

Irving, who was allowed to play at home last month after New York City’s decision not to allow unvaccinated players to participate in matches in this area was suspended, played as he had on his best days, namely those he experienced with the franchise he faced in this game, the Cavaliers, who chose him First in general in Draft 2011.

Kyrie Irving scored his first 11 shots from the field

It was a perfect attacking three quarters for the aforementioned goalkeeper of the home team, like He hit all 11 shots he triedincluding the bell beater in the first half, which sparked a standing ovation in Barclays Center.

I took the net a Advance 20 points in the first quarter (40-20) And he managed it throughout the game, until Cleveland, with a 16-4 lead between the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth, had a single, but couldn’t take the lead in the game.

Double Double by Irving and Durant

In total there were 34 points and 12 assists For Irving, who doubled down, the same feat as “KD” that accumulated 25 points and 11 assists.

For the reason Cleveland lost, the top scorer was the base Darius Garland Who collected 34 points during the match.

What’s next for Brooklyn and Cleveland?

Following this result, the Nets got their ticket to the playoffs where they, as the seventh seed, would face the second seed of the Eastern Conference, Boston Celticsin the first round series.

For their part, the Cavs still have a chance to qualify for the eighth seed in the tournament to the playoffs as they will host next Friday the match winner between Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets On Wednesday, the winner will face the first round of the Eastern Conference with the leading team for the regular season Miami Heat.