NYC Subway Shooting LIVE: Police recover gun at Brooklyn subway station

THere are disturbing reports coming out of United State on shooting that occurred in New York subway stationWith Leaving many injured And Unexploded devices detected.

As law enforcement sources told NBC New York, a man was seen throwing an explosive device at Brooklyn subway station before opening fire. It is believed that he was dressed as a construction worker.

NYC Subway Shooting LIVE

In this live blog, we will bring you the latest news and updates about New York subway station shooting.

The FBI is working with the NYPD to investigate the subway shooting

The FBI is working with the New York Police Department to investigate the Brooklyn subway shooting.

“The FBI and NYPD Combined Counter-Terrorism Task Force is made up of more than 50 agencies and we are fully engaged in this investigation. Much is still in its early stages. Our focus now — our thoughts and prayers are with the victims,” said Michael J. Driscoll, Assistant Director in Charge. About the FBI Field Office in New York, in an unrelated press conference, we are following every viable lead and will continue to do so with the NYPD and our other partners in the city.

Police find handgun in Brooklyn subway station

A handgun was found at a subway station where 10 people were shot dead during rush hour in Brooklyn Tuesday, according to police sources.

However, authorities said the suspect in the shooting is still at large.

Motive remains unknown for the Brooklyn subway shootings

“We’re identifying a motive, and we’ll find out as the investigation continues,” NYPD Commissioner Kishant L. Sewell said, adding that she “has not ruled out anything.”

Sewell said the suspect was in the train carriage and began shooting “as the train was going toward the station” on 36th Street in Sunset Park.

New official update: Shoot 10 people

In a new official update, a total of 16 people have been treated for injuries, in addition to 10 shootings, after the shooting in a Brooklyn subway station, FDNY Acting Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said at today’s briefing.

“Ten of these patients have gunshot wounds at this time and five are in stable but critical condition,” Kavanagh said.

New York Governor: There is an ‘active shooting’ in New York City right now

“The calm and normalcy has been disrupted, brutally disrupted, by someone so cold-hearted and rotten-hearted that he had no interest in the individuals they assaulted as they simply went about their daily lives. This person is still at large. This is a dangerous person,” New York Governor Kathy Hochhol said at a press conference. “.

According to Huchul, the gunman who shot several people on the subway on Tuesday morning is still at large and people should remain vigilant.

Updated numbers, 16 wounded

Eight people were shot and eight more were injured after the shooting in the Brooklyn subway this morning, FDNY spokeswoman Amanda Farinacci reported.

Passengers on the N train bound for Manhattan were coming to a quick stop.

CNN reported that “the train was quickly stopping at the 59th Street stop before the 36th Street station, where multiple people were detected shooting.”

8 injured stable

Eight of the injured were taken to New York University Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, and all of them are in stable condition, hospital spokeswoman Lacey Scarman said.

New York City mayor reacts after shooting

Although there is COVID-19, New York City Mayor Eric Adams aware of the shooting incident on the Brooklyn subway.

“As we gather more information, we are asking New Yorkers to stay away from this area for their own safety and so that first responders can assist and investigate those in need,” Adams spokesman Fabian Levy said on Twitter.

Two people are in critical condition

CNN and Al Jazeera quoted senior officials as saying that five of the 13 wounded were shot, and that at least two people were in critical condition.

Tragedy was reported on the subway at 8:30 am.

Police officers were called to 36th Street and the 4th Avenue subway station, where lines D, N and R pass through the Sunset Park neighborhood, around 8:30 a.m., according to the NYPD.

The suspect’s clothes

According to CBS New York journalist Nick Caloway, the New York Police Department (NYPD) is looking for an individual who has been — or has been — wearing an orange reflective jacket and gas mask.

No active explosives

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has confirmed that there are currently There are no active explosives at the shooting sitedespite previous reports of unexploded devices.

At least 13 people were injured

According to the Wall Street Journal, there At least 13 people were injured The result of the shooting in the Brooklyn subway station.