Cristiano Ronaldo outburst due to being in “failing” Man Utd team, but “no excuse” for fan attack, says ex-Red Devil

Cristiano Ronaldo can have no excuses to attack the Everton fan, although his outburst is likely due to frustration at playing for the “failed” Manchester United team.

This is the view of former Red Devils Luke Chadwick, who spoke to him exclusively caught abroad To discuss the implications of his old club’s 1-0 defeat to Everton at the weekend.

Man United were poor as they dropped more points at Goodison Park, and Chadwick was particularly upset at how much struggling Frank Lampard wanted relegation.

“It was another really disappointing performance,” Chadwick said. “Everton are fighting for their lives and they just had a poor result against Burnley, but it looks like they want it more than Man United,” Chadwick said.

“They were by no means the best team, but they had more power and were always the first to step in and played the passion of the fans. In general, they just wanted it more and that is a real concern for a club like Man United.

Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in an accident after the defeat against Everton

“Rangnick has made some changes, with Rashford starting and Ronaldo returning, but whatever squad there is doesn’t seem to be having much of an impact. It was another lackluster performance. That means the top four probably aren’t possible now, and it’s really a disaster for a club the size of United.

“You obviously want to increase performance, with all the talk of a new manager you were hoping the stress might settle on everyone a little bit. It would be nice to have the new manager in so he can come up with his ideas and pick everything up. At the moment, I don’t know what that’s going to trigger. More of these players until the new manager comes in. I hope anyone who comes can communicate their ideas and start a new era and give the club a brighter future.”

Upon Ronaldo’s outburst at the end of the match, which saw him slap a phone from a teenager’s hand, Chadwick admitted it was “unacceptable” behaviour, but it only shows how frustrated the Portugal international is with life at Old Trafford at the moment.

“He’s obviously a winner, he’s spent his career winning titles and he’s on a failing team right now,” Chadwick said.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticized for his outburst

“There is clearly no excuse for this kind of behaviour, and I am sure he is fully aware of it, having come out and apologised.

“Even if something is said to him, it is an integral part of being a Manchester United footballer.

“I’m sure feelings were high, but that’s something he shouldn’t have done. It shouldn’t have happened, but all he could do was apologize.

“I’m not surprised the baby’s parents aren’t happy with that, it’s totally unacceptable. It’s just another cloud on a really disappointing day for United.”