Sergio Ramos: I have four or five more years of top-level football left in me

Sergio Ramos He is believed to have four or five more years left at the top level of football, despite the injury problems that plagued his first season there. Paris Saint-Germain.

The 36-year-old joined Paris Saint-Germain from real madrid In a free transfer last summer, things haven’t gone as planned since then.

In an interview with a former French football player Ludovic Giuliwho now works for Amazon Prime France, Ramos He made it clear that he believes he still has the ability to continue to play at the highest level.

“Another four or five years at a high level”, Ramos He said when asked how long he thinks he has left in his career.

And then, another experience. Here in Paris, I have two years [on my contract].

“We’ll try to make it three; one more. Then we’ll see. As long as my body is stationary, I think my head is very focused.”

jeoli then asked Ramos If he would rather be the best player in the world or play for the best team in the world, the defender showed little hesitation.

“I prefer to play with the best team in the world, because at the end of the day football is a team sport and it is about winning things,” Ramos pointed out.

“Before I was the best on the individual level, I would have preferred to play in the World Cup and the Champions League…You always need to help your team.”

Ramos He was then asked what he thought of the classic debate between club and country in football, which he preferred to represent.

“The feeling of your homeland, your country … always a very, very big thing,” Ramos advertiser.

“After that, you owe a lot to your team. You have to play well for your team to go to your national team.

“It’s a similar feeling, but at the same time different. I can’t say club or national team. Both are unique feelings. It’s true that with the national team you can aspire to be a world champion.”