Boxing: Julio Csar Chvez returns to fight in the ring. Who will the “Great Mexican Champion” fight against?

boxing And Julio Caesar Chavez They were born to be together, although the “Great Mexican Champion” hung his gloves professionally over 15 years ago, that’s no reason to say goodbye to the profession and on this occasion the Aztec idol would enter the ring. Greeting for Ignacio Berstein.

“Boxing Caesar,” said during the event in Mexico City.

Who is Chavez’s opponent?

This show fight, in addition to Julio Caesar Chavez being the main event in one corner of the ring, on the other side will be the former boxer Daniel ‘El Zurdo de Tacubaya’ Zaragozawho in the 1980s was the WBC bantamweight champion and super bantamweight champion.

This entertainment event will also feature former world champions such as Juan Manuel Marquez and Humberto Chiquita Gonzalez. On the other hand, in professional fights, active boxers will be, Johnny Gonzalez, Pedro Guevara And the temporary hero Sonia Osorio.

Where and when will the show take place?

The battle of the “Great Mexican Hero” against “El Zurdo de Tacubaya” will take place on Saturday 21 May 2022In the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City.

This show will be the first of two shows that Julio Cesar Chavez has planned this year, because at the end of the year he plans to return to give an entertainment show, because boxing will always be together. Let’s remember that a file Sinaloa fighter He is also a boxing analyst for two different sports companies in Mexico.