Rockies fan knocks out several women outside Coors Field after Opening Day loss (VIDEO)

a man wearing Colorado Rockies Hat was recorded punching several women outside course field On Monday while trying to protect his girlfriend from getting hit after the team MLB Opening day of loss to Los Angeles Dodgers.

The person recording the fight was worried about her car being damaged and could be heard several times begging to move the melee elsewhere. When the man appears in front of the camera, he first checks a woman’s hip on the ground before punching another in the face.

No arrests have been made

He continued hitting women in the face, including one he had knocked to the ground. Nobody is defending the women who punched him, and the police finally ended the altercation after about a minute of chaos.

to me TMZNo arrests have been made as of the date of this publication. Reportedly, the online tabloid press contacted the police for an official statement, but to no avail.