This season was the best thing that could’ve happened to LeBron James, Lakers

The is Los Angeles Lakers It has seen a disastrous season taking responsibility for everyone, including the front office, coaching staff and players, but LeBron James He has not yet finished this privilege.

Now that’s the head coach Frank Vogel Expelled, Russell Westbrook It will allow you to shine without the stress of sitting on the bench in case you get lost in the shots. Vogel is an excellent coach, but the broken relationship with the new star of the team was the last thing he needed.

For whatever reason, Vogel and Westbrook never clicked, cutting communication in the locker room and blaming the two parties. Vogel never wanted Westbrook on the team in the first place, making him known by sitting in the fourth quarter on a few occasions.

Vogel failed to contact BrodyTreating him like any other player rather than the incredible talent he’s proven to be over the past 15 years. The now-sacked coach has had more starting line-ups than wins this season due to injuries, and is still firing the only player who has always been on hand. Westbrook missed just four games all season. Vogel also failed to get the best of his positions time and time again, trying James in the five despite having Dwight Howard On the seat.

Tai Lu should have been the head coach

Blame James for wanting to overtake Westbrook Friends Hield Whatever you want (it’s Star City for a reason), but he wanted too Tyrone Low As head coach and didn’t get his wish at the time. Coach Lue has done miracles this season with handball Los Angeles Clippersbut if he hadn’t felt disrespected by the Lakers front desk, he would have been the Lakers coach lake view distance Luke Walton Expelled.

Everything that happened in the past now and in the future couldn’t get any darker than the current situation. Next season, King James will surpass the Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar As the best scorer of all time NBA History, all while wearing purple and gold Uniforms.

James has another year left on his contract and hasn’t left any team before his current contract expires. He will make a decision about whether to stay or leave after the deal is done, a year before his son Brunei Eligible to register.

Westbrook’s contract is too big for any team to take charge, and neither he nor James is likely to want to leave the Lakers after a disappointing season. In terms of his much-discussed “struggles” on the ground, Westbrook actually led the team in assists, rebounds from both ends, steals, and was second on points.

Anthony Davis He’ll need to stay healthy next year if anything is going to pay off for this team. His absence from the field this year was the biggest reason for his post-season loss, along with Westbrook’s poor relationship with the coach.

Joan Howard is the right coach for the Lakers

Vogel has never been the right man for the Lakers coaching job, with reports coming out Jason Kidd He stayed with the franchise, he would have been fired much earlier. While the front office is to blame for all this, especially the general manager Rob Pelinka — the reason Magic Johnson He left the organization as head of basketball operations – it is better to focus on the positives.

In the last game of the season, monk owner And Austin Reeves Led the Lakers to an overtime win over Denver Nuggets, and other youngsters on the team have also shown some excellent rises in ability. If the Lakers can get it Joanne Howard To be the next coach, he will be able to bring out the best in everyone (especially Taleen Horton Tucker) as he does with basketball in Michigan.

Howard was also a candidate for the Lakers’ opening head coach in 2019, and reportedly gave an excellent interview before going front office with Vogel instead. Despite his slapping incident, which actually shows far more passion than the often-moderate Vogel, Howard will want to prove himself out of the gate.

Whether they win the championship or not, next year will be the Redemption Tour of King James and Co., which will include Westbrook and AD. But if the Lakers pull off James’ fifth NBA title, as they did after he missed the playoffs during his first year in Los Angeles, this season might be the best thing that can happen to them.